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This is a topic I think about often. Before I had kids, I envisioned taking them along with me to serve at local nonprofits..of course, everything went smoothly in these dreams (laugh with me, parents). Now, I am totally naptrapped in toddler/baby stage and exhausted in general, but also by the thought of bringing them all somewhere with the hopes of doing something else in addition to caring for them. I actually had to pull back from a mentor role because of the energy taken by my mother role and it hurt my heart to see my dream of charity and children dissolve a little. All to say, I am so grateful for this thread, to see that avoiding insularity is on others’ hearts, and to read examples of ways people are doing it. From casseroles to Catholic worker houses, ya’ll are rocking it! Thank you for the inspiration and digital fellowship.

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When people act as though they have infinite energy and resources and when they believe putting themselves first means unreasonable selfishness, it can mean that they fail to realize that their energy and resources are finite. The end result? Burnout.

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